Laser Cut & Engraving

Laser Cut & Engraving

Whether it’s a small or large production run, our CNC (CO2) laser machines help us deliver you innovation to a new level. The laser cutting and engraving process can achieve some of the highest quality cuts available with minimal wastage. Precise cutting capability means we can execute the most intricate shapes, patterns and designs. Our production facility is currently home to both a laser cutting unit and an engraving unit to cater to a host of different processes, sheet sizes and material thicknesses. With the ability to encompass many different kinds of manufacturing processes and unmatched versatility, the use of lasers could be the way forward for your company.

Example Applications

Logos / Branding / Personalisation

Complex Cuts

Engravings and Carvings

Decorative Finishes

Our motto is

Everything Wood, Nothing but Quality

Please contact a team member for further assistance and see how we can incorporate our laser technology for your business’s needs.

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