About us

Our journey started in 2005, producing simple wooden boxes. Since then, we have grown to become an established manufacturer of wooden boxes, luxury wooden packaging, and bespoke wooden products for businesses worldwide. Our production team has worked tirelessly since the day we opened to continuously develop new products and ideas to benefit our growing portfolio of customers. Using years of experience and the latest technology, we take great pride in bringing your concept to life.


As part of our effort to be environmentally friendly and prevent deforestation, we source all our materials from local, sustainably responsible suppliers. Our suppliers source their wood from FSC certified plantations, and contribute to the replanting of trees as they are cut down. Our off-cuts and waste material get reused in projects where possible, sent out as samples or donated to local charities who use the material for various community projects.

Global Coverage

Here at Custom Craft, we produce tens of thousands of wooden products every year and supply businesses throughout the world. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, our 30,000 square foot production facility employs over 35 experienced staff and processes large volume orders on a daily basis.

Reduce Your Costs

Our factory’s centralised location gives us an edge as we can keep production costs down and economically ship to most countries by land, sea, and even air when required. With competitive rates and low freight costs, you get the best of both worlds without ever compromising quality or durability.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve excellence in customer service, delivering high-quality products, and sustainably provide innovative solutions for all our customers. People and the environment are our industry’s most essential resources. Our highest priority is to ensure the individuals who are part of our company are afforded the best working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect while minimising our industry’s environmental impact.

Get in Touch

We ensure our service suits every customer’s needs, so we invite you to contact us to discuss the requirements you have for your business. Our friendly and helpful team members are on hand to assist you with any query or information you require.

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