About Us

Our journey started in 2005 as a humble beginning with us producing simple wooden boxes. In the past two decades, we have grown from strength to strength to become an established manufacturer of custom wooden boxes, luxury wooden packaging, wooden point-of-sale products,bespoke wood projects and made-to-order fabric bags for businesses worldwide. Our dedicated production team has worked tirelessly since we opened to continuously develop new products and ideas that benefit our growing portfolio of customers. With years of experience, we take great pride in bringing your concept to life.
About Us, Proudly Manufactured in Turkey
Sustainable materials and manufacturing


As sustainability and environmental preservation issues dominate the global consciousness, consumers are beginning to expect more from the brands they support. Paying particular attention to where your products come from and how they are made is paramount to remaining relevant. Now is the perfect moment for forward-thinking brands to make an impression on conscious consumers by choosing eye-catching, functional, and environmentally friendly custom fabric bags, wooden packaging, displays, and custom products. We design our products to be stylish, reusable and in some cases biodegradable — the perfect combination of form, function, and aesthetics. When you choose bespoke products from Custom Craft, you can rest assured that we source all of our raw materials from trusted, FSC and OEKO-Tex certified suppliers.

We Are Ready To Meet Your Demand

Whether we make 1000 or 100,000 – we ensure that each product is perfect. Our production facilities in Istanbul are a hive of activity where expert artisans process orders and create versatile, top-of-the-range products every day. We supplies these exceptional-quality products to countless businesses across the globe from our convenient position between Europe and Asia.


We are experts at working under pressure and delivering perfection en masse, ensuring that orders are executed with equal amounts of dedication and meticulous attention to detail. While we produce our products in a factory environment, we go to great lengths to ensure that every item we make has a distinctive craftsman’s touch, contributing to the air of luxury and sophistication that has long been associated with our wooden and fabric products.

Global supply of wooden boxes, point of sale products, luxury wooden packaging and custom wooden products.
Cheap wooden boxes and cost-effective manufacturing

Accessible Pricing for Every Business

With its centralised location, our factory keeps production costs low while allowing us to ship our products to most economically. We offer competitive rates and are open to helping you find the best freight options for your unique needs, whether by land, sea, or air. Our cost-effective pricing makes it easy for businesses to choose high-quality wooden products and made-to-order fabric bags without compromising profit margins. By choosing Custom Craft as your manufacturing partner, you can reduce costs while associating your brand with a lasting impression of quality, sustainability, and luxury. Once you and your customers have experienced the significant difference our natural materials can make to your brand’s aesthetic and bottom line, you’ll never want to choose plastic again.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve excellence in customer service, delivering high-quality products and sustainably providing innovative solutions for all our customers. People and the environment are our industry’s most essential resources. Therefore, our highest priority is to ensure the individuals who are part of our company are afforded the best working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect while minimising our industry’s environmental impact.

Want to know more?

We ensure our service suits the needs of every customer, so we invite you to contact us and discuss your requirements. Our friendly and helpful team are on hand to assist you with any query or information you require.