Elevating Brands with Bespoke Point of Sale Displays

At Custom Craft, we seamlessly blend your brand’s vision with our unmatched craftsmanship. As a distinguished producer of tailored point of sale display products, we cater to the distinct requirements of large brands, wholesalers, and retailers. Our mission transcends the mere delivery of a product; we aim to curate an experience that harmoniously aligns with your brand’s ethos and aesthetic.

What are Point of Sale Displays

A point of sale display, often abbreviated as POS display, is a specialised form of sales promotion found near, on, or next to a checkout counter (the “point of sale”). They are designed to attract the customers’ attention to products, which may be new products, special offers, or items on sale. These displays play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of products and spaces, driving impulse purchases, and increasing sales. From retail displays and sale displays to wooden display stands, these tools are versatile and can be customised to fit the branding and promotional needs of any business. Their strategic placement in stores, combined with their eye-catching designs, make them a staple in the retail environment, especially in the UK and Europe.

Making Your Mark with Distinct Branding Techniques

In the bustling marketplace of today, differentiation is paramount. Effective branding on wooden display products can be achieved through an array of methods, from UV printing and digital printing on vinyl to screen printing and laser engraving. Wooden crates, with their stackable rustic allure, and wooden pedestal stands, designed to spotlight a singular product, are just a few examples of how branding can leave and create an indelible mark on your customers.

Customisation in Retail: Displays Tailored to Perfection

Every brand boasts a unique voice, and our endeavour is to amplify that voice through our bespoke point of sale displays. Freestanding displays offer flexibility in placement, making them a favourite among retailers. Wooden countertop displays, strategically placed for those last-minute impulse purchases, and tiered display stands, which provide a multi-level showcase, are testaments to our adaptability. For those in the beverage sector, our wooden wine racks are a class apart, while our wooden jewellery displays cater to the intricacies of precious items.

The Craftsmanship of Turkey

Our ISO 9001:2015 and SEDEX accredited base in Istanbul is a hub of creativity and precision. From conceptualisation to the tangible product, our team of artisans ensures perfection at every step. Our product range, from retail displays and sale displays to more intricate items like freestanding displays and wooden displays, epitomises functionality married with aesthetics, all designed to captivate and drive sales.

Eco-Friendly Choices: Sustainable Wooden Point of Sale Displays

Our commitment to the environment is as profound as our dedication to quality. All our wooden display stands and point of sale products are meticulously crafted using sustainable materials procured from FSC certified suppliers. Wooden A-frame displays, commonly seen outside shops, and wooden shelving units, which elegantly present a myriad of retail products, both underscore our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Europe's Leading Manufacturer of Wooden Boxes

The Custom Craft Advantage

Tailored Solutions  We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke wooden display solutions. Every product, be it pavement signs, glorifiers or display stands, is crafted to your specifications.

Sustainable Practices  Aligning with us means championing sustainable practices that resonate with the eco-conscious consumer of today. The perfect solution for a greener store display.

Quality Assurance  From raw materials to the end product, our rigorous quality checks guarantee unparalleled excellence. We create the perfect store display products.

Economical Pricing  Premium quality doesn’t necessarily command a premium price. Our cost-effective offerings ensure unparalleled value for money. From a simple display stand, store crates and shelves we’ve got you covered.

Space-Saving Designs  Our custom-made wood display stands are designed keeping in mind the constraints of retail spaces, ensuring optimal product presentation without compromising on aesthetics.

Special Offers  We provide cost-effective pricing on bulk manufacturing, ensuring you get the best value for your store or business.

Robust and Reusable  Our wooden display products are not only robust and long-lasting but also designed for easy assembly and reassembly. This durability further accentuates the eco-friendliness of our offerings.

Each of our wooden point of sale display products offers a unique way to showcase items, ensuring that products are not only displayed but highlighted, driving customer interest and sales. Custom Craft’s expertise lies in custom manufacturing these displays, ensuring they align perfectly with a brand’s identity and the specific needs of the UK and European markets.

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What are the Different Types of POS Displays and their Benefits?

Wooden Bottle Glorifiers  Specially designed to elevate and showcase individual bottles, often used in bars, restaurants, or liquor stores to highlight premium or featured beverages.


Wooden A-Frame Displays  Commonly used outside shops, these double-sided displays are perfect for showcasing daily specials or promotional offers. Their freestanding design ensures they grab attention from a distance.

Wooden Shelving Units  Versatile and elegant, these units can display a range of products, from books to apparel, ensuring optimal space utilisation and presentation.

Wooden Crates  Offering a rustic charm, these can be stacked or used individually, ideal for products like fruits, wines, or artisanal goods.

Wooden Pedestal Stands  Also known as glorifiers, these are perfect for highlighting a single product, be it in a shop window or a central aisle.

Wooden Countertop Displays  Designed for counters, these are perfect for impulse buys, showcasing products right where customers check out.

Wooden Tiered Display Stands  Multi-level stands that can showcase a range of products at once, making them ideal for displaying baked goods or a variety of retail products.

Wooden Wine Racks  Specifically designed to showcase bottles, they are often used in liquor stores, wineries, or restaurants, highlighting the range and quality of beverages on offer.

Wooden Jewellery Displays  Tailored for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other precious items, these displays ensure each piece is presented in its best light, attracting potential buyers.

Wooden Wall Mount Shelves  A space-saving solution, these shelves display items at eye level, ensuring products are both accessible and prominently displayed.

Wooden Display Bins  Often used for bulk items or items on special offers, these bins allow for easy access and browsing.

Wooden Barrel Displays  Offering a vintage charm, these are often used in rustic-themed stores or wineries.

Wooden Pegboard Displays  Customisable with hooks, they offer versatility in displaying a range of products, from tools to accessories.

Wooden Spinner Racks  Rotating displays ideal for items like postcards, keychains, or small hanging items, allowing customers to browse through multiple products with a simple spin.

A Global Footprint with a Personal Touch

Though our origins trace back to Istanbul, our influence is undeniably global. We’ve collaborated with brands, wholesalers, and retailers from diverse geographies. Our efficient logistics ensures punctual delivery, irrespective of your location. Yet, our global presence doesn’t deter us from offering a personalised experience. Every client, irrespective of size, is valued and attended to with utmost care.

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In a world inundated with choices, ensure your brand’s display emerges triumphant. With Custom Craft’s unparalleled point of sale solutions, etch an unforgettable impression that not only drives sales but also fosters brand loyalty. For collaborations, inquiries, or a deeper dive into our product range, reach out to us. Together, let’s craft a narrative of success.

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