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Proudly Manufactured in Turkey
Proudly Manufactured in Turkey

europe's leading manufacturer of Wooden Boxes

For over 20 years, we have held our esteemed position as UK and Europe’s leading manufacturer of custom wooden boxes. Each wooden box is a testament to our dedication to bespoke craftsmanship. Located in the heartland of Turkey, our factory stands as a symbol of our passion devoted to the artistry of wooden products. Our ISO 9001:2015 and Sedex accreditations are badges of our commitment to unmatched quality and precision.

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Bespoke Crafting Solutions for All Types of Wooden Boxes

Wine Boxes

Each wine box we create is a celebration of the bottle it houses. Through meticulous design and craftsmanship, a custom-made box makes it easy to amplify the aesthetics and stature of your brand. Finished with a choice of raw wood to showcase nature’s beauty or elegantly stained to highlight the richness of the grain and branded with techniques such as UV printing or hot stamping to accentuate your brand’s uniqueness.

Whisky Boxes

Whiskey isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. Our bespoke whiskey boxes, tailored to perfection, echo the prestige of the brands they house, ensuring a memorable unboxing experience. The wood can either retain its organic texture or receive a coat of varnish for added sheen.

Tea Boxes

Each custom tea box we craft encapsulates the essence of soothing tea sessions. Every compartment is thoughtfully designed to respect the delicate nature of the tea it protects. A touch of stain brings out the tea box’s grain beautifully, making it even more unique.

Cigar Boxes

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, our bespoke cigar boxes are a testament to luxury and utility combined, ensuring the integrity and freshness of every cigar. Opt for a varnished finish for added protection or go with a paint for a touch of personalisation.

Storage Boxes

A blend of utility and aesthetics, our storage boxes are not just practical; they’re a decor statement. Meticulously crafted, these boxes offer optimal space without compromising on style. You can opt for a varnished finish to add a layer of sheen and protection or customise further with a unique paint colour.

Jewellery Boxes

More than just a box, our jewellery boxes are an ode to the treasures they hold. Designed with plush interiors and intricate exteriors, they make for the perfect dresser accessory. Go for a subtle stain to highlight the wood’s natural beauty or choose from a range of branding options to add a personal touch.

Presentation Boxes

When first impressions matter, our presentation boxes rise to the occasion. Crafted to perfection, they serve as the ideal backdrop for your products, ensuring your brand remains unforgettable. Consider the elegance of laser engraving or the precision of UV printing to elevate your presentation to new heights.

Wooden Crates

The embodiment of both functionality and vintage appeal. Our wooden crates aren’t merely designed for storage — they echo the rich history of trade and transport, beautifully repurposed for modern utility. Ideal for a myriad of uses, from retail displays to themed events, our wooden crates can adapt to any setting, be it casual or upscale.

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Elements of Our Bespoke Wooden Boxes

Championing Quality

Our Selection of Wood Types

A preferred choice for its hard-wearing properties, beech resonates with quality. This wood, often lauded for its fine texture and smooth finish, makes it perfect to engrave and plays a pivotal role in many of our custom creations.
Celebrated for its strength and durability, oak stands as a symbol of timeless elegance in our array of products. Its distinct grain pattern ensures every product boasts a unique aesthetic.
Esteemed for its rich, deep colour, walnut brings a touch of luxury to any item. Its vibrant undertones create a visual spectacle, particularly in our bespoke luxury packaging.
Renowned for its reddish-brown hue, mahogany exudes grandeur. This wood, with its tight grain and smooth finish, is a top pick for our whiskey and wine boxes.
Ash wood, characterised by its light colour and sturdy nature, offers versatility in design, making it a staple in our collection.
Both spruce and pine are celebrated for their lightweight nature, offering robustness without compromising on aesthetics.
Plywood is a versatile and durable material made from layered veneers. It offers excellent strength and stability at a cost-effective price point, making it an ideal choice for wooden boxes.
Plain MDF is a smooth and dense engineered wood product, ideal for applications requiring a consistent surface. Veneered MDF combines the practicality of MDF with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood veneers. Both options offer a cost-effective and versatile solution for wooden boxes.

Lid Types

Elevating Unboxing Experiences

In the bespoke realm of wooden box craftsmanship, the lid is not merely a closure. It’s a central design element that complements aesthetics, enhances functionality, and uplifts the unboxing journey. At Custom Craft, our curated range of lid types showcases our commitment to tailored solutions:
Hinged Lid

A classic blend of elegance and security. This perennial design offers undisturbed access, effortlessly combining aesthetics with purpose, ensuring your contents remain safeguarded while exuding sophistication.

The epitome of modern design. These lids slide seamlessly, revealing the treasures inside with grace. A favourite for brands looking to infuse a touch of contemporary design into their wooden packaging, it ensures an unparalleled unboxing sensation.
Minimalism personified. The lift-off lid champions simplicity, allowing the inherent beauty of the wood and craftsmanship to take centre stage. Its pragmatic design approach ensures every unveiling is a moment of pure delight.
Dual elegance redefined. Mimicking the grandeur of double doors, this lid design offers a unique opening experience. Split in the middle, each side swings open, adding a theatrical flourish to the reveal, making every unboxing a truly grand event.

Popular Wooden Box Finishes

Natural or unfinished wooden boxes celebrate the innate character of the timber, revealing its authentic grain patterns and hues. This finish is ideal for those who value the unadulterated beauty and tactile quality of wood, offering a rustic and organic aesthetic.

Available in many colours, a varnish finish offers a protective layer that enhances the wood’s natural grain, adding depth and a beautiful aesthetic appeal. This finish not only safeguards against moisture and wear but also elevates the overall look, extending the lifespan of the wooden box

Staining enriches the natural grain of the wood, offering a range of colour options from subtle to bold. This finish adds depth and character to the wooden box, while also providing a level of protection against wear and tear.
Paint provides a uniform and vibrant finish, allowing for a wide array of colour choices to match any decor or theme. This finish not only offers aesthetic versatility but also serves as a protective layer, enhancing the durability of the wooden box.

Branding Options

Distinctive Marks of Excellence

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is one of our most popular branding methods, providing a precise and permanent way to add intricate designs or text to wooden boxes. Utilising advanced laser technology, this technique etches away the surface layer to reveal the contrasting wood below. The outcome is a highly detailed and visually captivating finish that adds a bespoke touch, making each box truly unique.
UV printing is another of our highly popular branding methods, offering vibrant and detailed graphics directly onto the wooden surface. Utilising ultraviolet light to cure the ink, this method ensures a durable and fade-resistant finish. The result is a visually stunning and long-lasting design that elevates the aesthetic appeal of each wooden box.
Screen printing offers a traditional yet effective way to apply graphics or text onto wooden boxes. This method uses a mesh screen and ink to create sharp, well-defined designs that adhere closely to the wood’s surface. The outcome is a durable and visually appealing finish that complements the natural beauty of the wood.
Hot stamping is a sophisticated branding technique that uses heat and pressure to transfer metallic foil or pigment onto the wooden surface. This method creates a luxurious and tactile finish, adding an element of elegance to each box. The result is a high-quality, permanent design that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Plain Wooden Boxes

The beauty of a plain wooden box lies in its simplicity and versatility. At Custom Craft, we’ve honed our expertise to manufacture high-quality plain wooden boxes in bulk, catering predominantly to retailers and burgeoning e-commerce sectors.

In today’s era of personalisation, a plain wooden box provides an ideal canvas for brands to imprint their identity. With a smooth finish and sturdy construction, they’re perfect for businesses eager to brand and personalise, ensuring that their consumers receive a product that’s not just functional but also resonates with the brand’s ethos.

Given the surge in e-commerce, packaging plays a pivotal role in shaping a customer’s first impression. Our plain wooden boxes are meticulously crafted to ensure they are durable for shipping, yet elegant enough to elevate the unboxing experience. This blend of aesthetics and function positions them as a prime choice for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded online marketplace.

Furthermore, for retailers, these boxes are an embodiment of branding potential. Whether it’s for in-store displays, special promotions, or seasonal offerings, our plain wooden boxes are a blank slate ready to be transformed.

Harness the power of personalisation with Custom Craft’s plain wooden boxes. Designed with precision, ready for your vision.

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