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Custom Wooden Boxes, Wooden Wine Boxes, Wine Boxes, Luxury Wooden Packaging, Wooden Boxes
Custom Wooden Boxes, Bespoke Wooden Boxes, Luxury Wooden Packaging, Wooden Boxes
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Custom Wooden Boxes, Bespoke Wooden Boxes, Luxury Wooden Packaging, Wooden Boxes
Wooden Aromatherapy Boxes, Custom Wooden Boxes, Bespoke Wooden Boxes
Wooden Displays, Retail Displays, Point of Sale Displays, Bottle Glorifiers
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Custom Wooden Boxes, Bespoke Wooden Boxes, Sliding Lid Boxes

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Your new manufacturing partner is based in Europe, has over twenty years experience and is trusted by leading brands worldwide.

Mastering the Art of Bespoke Wooden Boxes, Luxury Wooden Packaging, and Point of Sale Display Products

At Custom Craft Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in the creation of superior-quality wooden products that enhance the visual identity of your brand and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Our global collaboration extends to businesses and design agencies, specialising in the manufacturing of custom wooden boxes, luxury wooden packaging, wooden point-of-sale products & displays, and a wide array of custom wooden products.


We engage in close partnerships with our clients to develop distinctive and unforgettable products, tailored to their unique visions. Our expertise lies in transforming conceptual ideas into tangible realities, offering comprehensive support from the initial concept phase through to full-scale production.


For a partner that consistently delivers superior craftsmanship and exceptional service in custom wooden products, look no further than Custom Craft. We assure you of outstanding results in every collaboration.

Crafting your vision in wood: Bespoke creations for unmatched quality

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    What Some of Our Customers Say

    I couldn’t be happier with what Custom Craft have delivered for us. Their attention to detail is incredible and the end product exceeds all expectations we had for it. We have lots of people commenting on the quality of the materials and finish. Pleasure to deal with throughout the whole project - highly recommend!
    Ross Topping
    Custom Craft were very helpful from the start, they communicated through the whole process and reassured me throughout. From someone who has never dealt with a manufacturer I felt they handled everything and kept me up-to date with lead times and pricing. The quality of product was as discussed and I would not hesitate in using them again. A manufacturer that has your company’s interest in mind.
    Jennie Drake
    Having placed a substantial order for our wooden boxes, I must commend Qasim and the team at Custom Craft for their impeccable craftsmanship and dedication. Over the course of a year, they consistently delivered top-notch quality, ensuring each box was crafted to perfection. Their attention to detail, timely deliveries, and exceptional customer service made the entire process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone seeking excellence in wooden craftsmanship.
    A Muller
    Been working with Custom Craft for some time now and the level of customer service to the final product realisation is second to none. Communication and idea concepts shared and agreed throughout the process. We could not be happier!
    Robertsons of Scotland
    I have recently used Custom Craft for the first time and I will definitely use them again. I have received excellent service every single step of the way, from first point of contact, to quote, production progress update and delivery. I am very pleased with the finished products and I highly recommend them.
    Eloise R.
    We purchased luxury wooden boxes for our wine bottles. After marketing our product, we received very positive feedback from customers Our experience with Custom Craft was great - High level manufacturer, professional and courteous service.

    Doing Our Bit And Helping You Do Yours

    At Custom Craft, our dedication to environmental stewardship matches our commitment to manufacturing top-quality products. We exclusively utilise sustainable wood sourced from FSC-certified plantations for crafting our products, packaging, and displays, ensuring our environmental impact is as minimal as possible. In our manufacturing facility, we use a combination of state-of-the-art CNC technology and traditional handcrafted methods. This blend of modern precision and artisanal craftsmanship not only guarantees the highest quality in every product but also minimises waste and scrap. Looking for environmentally responsible packaging solutions? Click here to discover how we can help.